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In recent years, the international natural gas market has seen greater consumption as a result of the ecological and economic benefits it offers compared to other fuels, making it the third largest primary source of energy.

This context calls for leaders with excellent strategies and strong commercial skills to grow their company. However, talent that meets these criteria is in extremely short supply.

At a time when technological innovation and globalization are entering a new era of growth together with the industry, large segments of the labor force are reaching retirement age, which means that finding new talent is becoming just as important as the discovery of new resources.

Competitive Advantages

Privately Owned Firm

We are able to make quick decisions to satisfy our client’s most pressing demands, our services are guided to completely resolve around our client´s needs, and not the pressures of quarterly results.

Business Partner

Time is money, we recognize the urgency of our client´s needs, we understand our clients business, marketplace, competitors,  and challenges for now and the future.

It´s about providing a business solution for our clients, not just recruiting executives.



With more than 50 years in the industry, no other search firm in Mexico has as much experience as Shore.

We offer expert business solutions refined over years and countless successful engagements in all industries and sectors.

Our consultants are recognized business leaders who engage in a business dialogue with their clients providing business solutions.


A one year guarantee, working with us means having a partner our clients can rely on for advice on every challenges they face.

The replacement rate of candidates is highly reduced since they have been selected to contribute to the short and long term challenges in the organization.



By understanding the culture of our client’s organization we can define the critical success factors that the candidate requires to be successful.   We do not waste your time presenting candidates that do not fit your requirements, and by doing things right the first time, we are to deliver results faster.


Every open position in a company has an opportunity cost, thus, having the right candidate in less time means the candidate can start adding value to your organization sooner.

We present final candidates quickly than our competitors without sacrificing quality



Our candidates are just as important as our clients; we make sure that every position is a perfect fit for them; we understand the investment that our candidates have in their careers.