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Shore Executive Search is the pioneer in Organizational Psychology Services in Mexico since 1960, Our aim is to help companies by analyzing the behavioral and leadership traits to select the Best Talent fit for each organization, Identify potentials and create High Performance Leadership teams driving Company and Talent Success to the Top.

Our Assessments Solutions use the top worldwide evaluation and assessments tools in the market combining the latest developments in Behavioral Science with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.  Whether in need of overall Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition, Talent Alignment or Cultural Adaptation during any organizational change such a Merger or Acquisition, we offer customized solutions & Talent Evaluation through our Assessment Centers, Traditional Behavioral Assessments or a combination of both.

Assessment Center

Interviews and testing alone offer a limited perspective of a candidate’s profile.  Our Virtual Assessment Center offers a series of exercises designed to simulate a real job where we use live role-players, certified consultants and assessors during the evaluation process.  Our exercises are composed of a wide range of scenarios and tasks based on daily challenges faced by an executive in a frontline company

  • ¿What is evaluated? The candidates or leaders Competencies needed for executing specific business strategies and the readiness to carry through those strategies.  Behavior and Personality / Psychometric evaluations.
  • ¿When to evaluate? When wanting to improve quality of hiring such as profiling candidates for senior executive roles or Employee Selection, facilitate an individual’s career like Leadership and Executive Development, Succession Planning or during any Organizational changes either by Mergers, Acquisitions, etc that require Workforce and Talent Alignment or Cultural Adaptation. 
  • ¿Who to evaluate? Critical and high potential talent within your organization ranging from: Senior Executives such as CEO’s, presidents, vice-presidents, directors, country managers ; Middle Management such as managers, supervisors and High Potentials ranging from Salespeople to administrative positions.
Shore - Assessment Solutions


Use of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) & Big Data, 100% online experience with certified consultants

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Generates complete customized reports - Online access with complete consultation of all reports



Real job exercises with simulations to evaluate performance

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21 possible competencies for different heirarchibhal levels in different languages.

Traditional Behavioural Assessments

We offer the best assessments in this category with a special notoriety for the Hogan suite of  products which is the world leader in traditional personality assessments and still remains as an independent quality driven company. All of our projects are handled by our certified specialized consultants.

  • ¿What is mainly evaluated? Personality: How the candidate relates to others when they are at their best, insofar as describing normal or bright-side personality. Focusing on how quality. Dark side of Personality: Qualities and traits that emerge under stressful circumstances that can derail people’s opportunities for success. Motives, Values and Preferences: Describes the core goals, values, drivers and interests that determine the candidate’s desires and aim to achieve them. 
  • ¿What personality traits are evaluated? ¿When to evaluate? For Talent Acquisition in order to avoid bad hires and match candidate values with company culture, Talent Development to attain individual success with strategic self-awareness with an in-depth solution to detect and avoid failure and career derailment, or during any Organizational changes either by Mergers, Acquisitions requiring Workforce and Talent Alignment as well as Cultural Adaptation. 
  • ¿Who to evaluate? Critical and high potential talent within your organization ranging from: Senior Executives such as CEO’s, presidents, vice-presidents, directors, country managers ; Middle Management such as managers, supervisors and High Potentials ranging from Salespeople to administrative positions. Groups or Work Teams

Hogan Methodology

Hogan methodology is based in 3 main assessments: – Hogan Personality
Inventory (HPS), Hogan Development Survey (HDS) and the  Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory
(MVPI) – all of these complement each other together with an optional fourth assessment, the
Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI).  Each one analyzes very particular traits and by combining these we are able to generate a large amount of specific tailored reports for companies.    Also within the Hogan Development Survey

Hogan Personality Inventory (HPS)

Assessing normal personality gives you valuable insight into how people work, how they lead, and how successful they will be

Seven Primary Scales: Adjustment, Ambition, Sociability, Interpersonal Sensitivity, Prudence, Inquisitive and  Learning Approach.

Six Occupational Scales: Service orientation, stress tolerance, reliability, clerical potencial, sales potential, managerial potential.

Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)

Understand what motivates candidates to succeed, and for  what type of position, job, and environment they will be the most productive.

Ten Primary Scales: Recognition, Power, Hedonism, Altruistic, Affiliation, Tradition, Security, Commerce, Aesthetics and Science.

Hogan Development Survey (HDS)

Help leaders recognize shortcomings, maximize strengths, and build successful teams

Eleven Personality Scales: Excitable, Skeptical, Cautious, Reserved, Leisurely, Bold, Mischievous, Colorful, Imaginative, Diligent, Dutiful

Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI)

Identify candidates’ problem-solving style, understand their capacity, and identify areas for development.

Qualitative Reasoning: Data visualization, logic, and verbal information to solve problems

Quantitative Reasoning: Mathematical and spatial information to solve problems.

Advantages of using Assessments

  • For Hiring Talent: Decrease Job Rotation: Avoid hires who present better than they perform.  Select the Best Talent: Easily spot top talent. Go Beyond any Resume: Identify candidate strengths, weaknesses, risks and values.  Understand candidate´s critical thinking: Learn how candidates approach problems and what strategic thinking they employ. 
  • For Talent Development: Maximize Value: Spend less time administrating and more time developing. Optimize Talent:  Maximize Talent Potential for long term growth in your company. Increase efficiency: Easily Optimize candidates development process with our easy to understand personalized reports. Develop Long Term Careers: Seamlessly and continuously match candidate values with your company culture.

Our Diferentiators

  • Leaders in Recruiting, Selecting, Developing and Managing Talent Solutions since 1960.
  • Specialized Certified Consultants.
  • Assessment Reports that have been applied to 75% of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Specific customized reports for each Company considering Industry, specific needs and situation.
  • Feedback sessions  – for client and candidate.
  • Tailor Made Reports combining different Psychometric or Assessment tools.