Assessments for Talent Recruitment

Shore Smart HR Evaluations before Hiring

Our Portfolio of HR Assessment Solutions uses the top Evaluation Tools for Recruitment, Psychometric Exams and Customized Assessment Center with exercises, interviews and virtual Job Simulations in order to help you find the Best and most Qualified talent for your Business.

Our Objective is to help organizations seamlessly select the right Candidates for an optimal working environment increasing Retention Levels, Maximizing productivity and ROI.


Recruiting & Selection Tests ¿What is Evaluated?

Our pre employment evaluation tests help improve any Recruitment and Selection process by A) Identifying how people work and lead under normal conditions, what traits can derail a candidate’s chances of success and in what type of position, job, and environment they will most likely succeed.  B) Evaluating the competencies and performance of a candidate though a real job simulation participating in realistic role-play scenarios within our Assessment Center thus observing real performance enabling companies to hire, promote and develop leadership.

Evaluate Core Personality

Assessments – Psychometric Personality Evaluation Tests:

Get to know the everyday conduct, behaviour, motivations and derailers of who you are Planing to Hire. 

We use the Market Leading Personality Assessments with decades of research and effective evaluations in more than 50 countries for Professional, Mid Level & Top Executive recruitment in many functional areas and industries.

Assessment Center
Evaluate Real Time Performance

Assessment Center – Testing Competencies through a day-in-the-life of a JOB Simulation.

Get to know the capabilities of candidates by evaluating real time performance before Hiring. 

Within our top leadership HR solutions portfolio, we use the first end-to-end virtual assessment center platform that combines the latest technology with artificial intelligence and behavioral science consisting of a set of varied exercises, which are designed to simulate different aspects of a given work environment. 


Benefits of using Assessments for Hiring Talent

  • Decrease Job Rotation: Avoid hires who present better than they perform.
  • Select the Best Talent: Easily spot top talent.
  • Go Beyond any Resume: Identify candidate strengths, weaknesses, risks and values
  • Understand candidate´s critical thinking: Learn how candidates approach problems and what strategic thinking they might employ.

Our Diferentiators

  • Leaders in Recruiting, Selecting, Developing and Managing Talent Solutions since 1960.
  • Specialized Certified Consultants.
  • Assessment Reports that have been applied to 75% of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Specific customized reports for each Company.
  • Feedback sessions – for client and candidate
  • Tailor Made Reports combining different Psychometric or Assessment tools.
  • Assessments made to ensure the hiring of the best quality talent from top executive Assessments to professional and emerging talent across all functional practices and industries.
Shore - Assessment Solutions


Use of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) & Big Data, 100% online experience with certified consultants

plataforma robusta


Generates complete customized reports - Online access with complete consultation of all reports



Real job exercises with simulations to evaluate performance

Plaforma flexible


21 possible competencies for different heirarchibhal levels in different languages.

Part of Shore Consulting Group

  • As part of the umbrella of Shore Consulting Group we also offer a wider range of Business Solutions with an Assertive Portfolio of HR products for any situation a company may experience:   Management Buyout (MBO) Strategies, Family Business restructuring and succession, Organizational and Change Management, Talent Assessment, Development & Acquisition, Outplacement & Career Transition

Types of Assessments for Hiring: Executive Recruitment Assessment Tools, Employee Assessment Tools, Emerging Talent Assessments.

  • Assessments para Directivos Generales
  • Assessments para Directivos Comerciales
  • Assessments para Directivos Financieros
  • Assessments para Directivos de Mercadotecnia
  • Assessments para Directivos de Operaciones
  • Assessments para Directivos de Recursos Humanos
  • Assessments para Gerentes Comerciales
  • Assessments para Gerentes Financieros
  • Assessments para Gerentes de Ventas
  • Assessments para Gerentes de Operaciones
  • Assessments para Gerentes de Recursos Humanos
  • Assessments para Jefes de Compras
  • Assessments para Jefes de Ventas
  • Assessments para Jefes de Operaciones
  • Assessments para Supervisores